Cockermouth Pilates Studio opened in September 2008 as a dedicated space for practicing the Pilates method of Body Conditioning.  

The Pilates method involves performing exercises that will develop whole body strength, mobility and flexibility in order to improve posture. 

Poor posture is caused by muscle imbalances; this can lead to pain and loss of function.  

Practicing the appropriate exercises will help to restore balance and function so reducing pain. 

The Studio has a waiting area and 2 exercise spaces.  The Upstairs Studio can accommodate larger groups of up to 17. 

The Reformer Room on the ground floor houses our 2 Pilates reformers and can be used for small group teaching of up to 4 people.



Ruth Noonan is the lead teacher and company director.  Ruth is a qualified FE teacher and holds a Post Graduate Degree in Education and a BSc in Sports Science.  She has worked in the Fitness Industry since 1993 and has focused on teaching Pilates since 2001.  She is qualified to teach Pilates, Ballet Barre, ETM, Freestyle Fitness Yoga, Pre and Post Natal Pilates, Special Populations and Exercise to Individuals managing Back Pain as well as giving Nutritional advice and guidance.  


Harriet Chappell has been attending a weekly Pilates class with Ruth since she moved to Cumbria in 2008, she still enjoys her weekly lesson to zone out and focus on her own personal practice. Harriet got the Pilates bug in 2005 after having her first child, qualified as a Pilates teacher in 2010 and has been teaching in the studio ever since. As well as Pilates matwork, Harriet has completed CPD for Pre and Post Natal Pilates, Baby Yoga and Pilates for clients managing back pain.