All our group Pilates courses are  now accessible through ZOOM so if you can’t make it to the Studio to practice with us in person you can join us virtually.

Beginner/Basics - Level 1


Learn the basic principles of the Pilates method of body conditioning.  This course is suitable if you are new to Pilates or are returning to your practice after an extended break.

Mat - Level 2


Incorporate the basic principles into a wider range of Pilates mat based exercises.  This level is suitable is you are managing back pain.  The exercises will focus on mobility, stability and flexibility.

Back Care - Level 2


Keep your spine mobile and improve your posture with specialised Pilates exercises that will increase spine stability and segmental control. This level is suitable if you are managing back pain.

Essential - Level 3


Includes standing Pilates exercises that aim to improve functional strength and stability as well as challenging balance.  Some mat exercises may need to be adapted if you are managing back pain.

Intermediate - Level 4


A challenging Pilates workout in terms of intensity, complexity and co-ordination. If you like your Pilates hard and fast this is the level to practice at but NOT if you are managing pain or injury.

Ballet Barre Pilates


Combines Pilates principles with Ballet techniques to deliver a dynamic workout in standing using a Barre to aid balance.  No previous dance experience is required, we use our body as a weight to strengthen and sculpt our muscles. Focusing on the arms, shoulders, legs and buttocks as well as using your core to align your spine and keep you moving!  Ballet Barre Pilates is a high energy workout which uses flowing movements in a sequence to build towards challenging routines.