Our online booking system, Class Swap, will allow you to book and manage your sessions.  You will need to complete a new registration. This involves filling in your personal details, making a password (use numbers capital and small letters), accepting GDPR and filling out a Medical Declaration. 


When you have completed this please email the Studio with details of the course you wish to book onto and we will complete your enrolment.  You need to do this for the first course you book with us so that we can ensure you are practicing at the correct level.  Any subsequent courses can be booked directly through the system.

Using Class Swap.  If you book a course and find you can’t make a session you can log onto your Class Swap account and post the session as a swap. This will give you a SWAP CREDIT.  The system will then allow you to TAKE UP a different session within the same half term using your SWAP CREDIT.


Swap Credits can be used to swap into STUDIO sessions, ZOOM sessions and VIDEOs to the same value as the session you swapped out of. Any SWAP CREDITS you create expire at the end of each half term.