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Mat/Back Care Pilates
(level 2)

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(level 4)

Ballet Barre Pilates

The following sessions will run from Monday 13th July through to Friday 11th September 2020.  To book in please email the Studio at least 24 hours before the class starts.  A single session costs £7 - pay via BACS.

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Back Care/Mat


Ballet Barre

Mat/Back Care Pilates (level 2)
Suitable for people who have completed the beginner course. Adaptations can be made to accommodate some joint  and medical conditions at this level.
Essential (level 3)
Aimed at developing balance, strength, mobility and flexibility in standing as well as on the mat.
Intermediate (level 4)
Suitable for individuals who are ready for a challenge. You will learn more demanding and complex sequences of exercises, which will test co-ordination, flexibility, strength and stability. It is advised that you can perform the Full Roll Up and hold a full plank position with correct technique and alignment before enrolling on an Intermediate course.  Level 4 is not suitable if you are managing any joint or back issues.
Ballet Barre Pilates
A fun, focused standing class at the Barre that incorporates both Ballet and Pilates principles to strengthen your legs and arms. Working at the Barre will make you sweat to help burn fat while toning up.