Saturday Workshop Series


Hedgehog Pilates - 9-11am Saturday 25th April 2020

Learn how to incorporate the Hedgehog into your Pilates practice.  Not the prickly mammal found at night in your gardens but a piece of equipment with an unstable, spiky surface that will challenge your balance and stability.

Safe Spine Workshop – 9-11am Saturday 16th May 2020

If you are managing back pain or have you had problems in the past, which have left you unsure which exercises are safe, this is the workshop for you. This workshop will educate you on spine function, when pain should be heeded or worked through and which exercises will be beneficial.

Pelvic Floor Workshop 9-11am Saturday 13th June 2020

Learn how the pelvic floor muscles operate and how you can improve function and strength with exercises.  A great session if you are managing pelvic floor issues, have recently given birth.

Simply Stretch Workshop 9-11am Saturday 11th July 2020

Learn how to use myofascial release to lengthen and stretch muscles reducing tension and improving relaxation.  This workshop uses equipment such as foam rollers, spikey balls and straps to stretch you out.


All 2 hour workshop cost £30

To book or for more information please call 01900 825139

or email