Saturday Workshop Series

Pelvic Floor Workshop – 11am-1pm Saturday 29th September

Learn how the pelvic floor muscles operate and how you can improve pelvic floor function and strength with exercise

 Simply Stretch – 11am-1pm Saturday 13th October

Using techniques such as self myofascial release and equipment including prickle stimulating balls and foam rollers to lengthen muscles, relax and release tension.

 Back Care Workshop – 11am-1pm Saturday 10th November

Are you managing recurring back pain? This workshop will help you to identify what triggers your pain, how to prevent recurrence and how to improve the stability of your spine to improve function and heal your spine.

 Fast Track Beginners 11am-1pm Saturday 1st December

Finding it difficult to commit to a beginners course then come and learn the basic principles of Pilates in one extended session after which you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and ability to practice Pilates safely and effectively.


All two hour workshops cost £30

To book or for more information please call 01900 825139 or email cockermouthpilates