Attending Cockermouth Pilates Studio during the Pandemic

We have had to put specific procedures in place in order to reduce the chance of virus transmission during the Pandemic.  In brief, following our risk assessment and in order to be compliant with new guidelines we will have to reduce capacity,  e contact time, move to an online email booking system, take payment via BACs and stagger start and end times.  Full details are below:

Social distancing measures at Cockermouth Pilates Studio
Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before the scheduled start time of your class or appointment.  This should allow adequate time for you to prepare for class and ensure that the class before you have left the premises.  If you arrive before the other class have left you will have to wait outside. 

Please wear a face covering in the reception area.  This is a high traffic area where it is only possible to distance by 1 meter+.   You can remove this prior to starting exercise.  It is not recommended to wear a face covering when you are exercising.

When you enter reception please sit in your assigned place, put your shoes under the chair and hang any outerwear over the back of the chair.  Your teacher will call you up to the Studio to your assigned exercise area in a specific order to maintain 1m+ distancing.  At this point the door into the reception area will be locked and the key left in the back.  The door will be unlocked once the session has ended.  Locking the door will keep your valuables safe, help to maintain a 1m+ distance and prevent people from different courses mingling.  If you do arrive late for your session and the door is locked please ring the handbell and someone will let you in.

Hand sanitizer is available throughout the Studio as a substitute for when you cannot wash your hands. 

Please come in the clothes you will exercise in.

Your exercise area will have a mat and hard blocks in it.  To minimise virus transmission and in line with guidelines set out by UK Active we ask that you clean your mat and blocks after use using the sanitising wipes provided at the Studio.  If you wish to bring your own mat and equipment please do.

If you, or a family member, are unwell or have symptoms of coronavirus please stay at home and follow government guidelines even though it appears that the government don't follow their own guidelines.

Please bring your own water bottle to the Studio with you.

Class size will be reduced to 12 to allow for 2 meters between clients while exercising. 

In line with guidance from UK Active each session will last 45 minutes.  This minimises the length of time you are inside with other people.

There will be 15 minutes between the end of one class and the start of the next class to reduce the number of people you come into contact with in the reception area.  We realise that the social experience of attending Cockermouth Pilates Studio will be altered, however there are many local cafes and pubs where you can meet up and they will welcome the trade.

We will monitor CO2 levels to ensure adequate ventilation and have windows open to allow fresh air to circulate.

Teaching staff will be using a microphone so they don’t need to shout to be heard.  This will decrease droplet transmission. 

Teaching staff will stay on their mat so social distancing is maintained during the session and will wear face coverings between sessions. 

These are the procedures we will be following to reduce the risk of virus transmission.